School Carnivals and Events

Carnivals and recognition need to capture people’s imagination.

We major in attractions.

Whether it’s a carnival to raise money or a gala to recognize student achievement, school events have one thing in common: If you want it to be successful, it has to grab people’s attention. The more interesting your event sounds, the more people who will participate.

School carnivals are perhaps the biggest challenge. Who knew that the real test at a school is trying to plan a carnival and have it all come off without a hitch? Hundreds of kids looking for something fun to do, dozens of parents trying to help. What could go wrong?

Recognition events face many of the same challenges, just generally on a smaller scale. There are so many moving pieces, so many things to coordinate. How do you stay on top of it all?

The best way is to get lots of help. The more parents and children become involved in the carnival, the greater the odds that you will reach your goals. Even with a lot of help there are some items that are just too large or technical for your team to run. Let us help.

We Make It Easy To Host A School Festival

Let’s face it, planning a school event is hard. There are lots of moving pieces. Lots of things that can go wrong.

We can walk through the details with you, and maybe even bring up a few things you hadn’t thought of. We are happy to tell you what items attract the most attention for different age groups.

We can share our insights on how to manage school carnival crowds. And we can even explain the more technical stuff like what you will need for insurance, how much power you will need and the best way to get that power.

But the best part is that the only thing you have to do is give us the time and location of your event and we will do all of the rest. You don’t need to figure out how to get a 900 pound obstacle course to your school. We’ll bring it for you and come get it when you are finished.

Speaking of insurance, our insurance policy has the highest coverages in the state. And if you need to (you probably will), we can add your school or other venue on to our insurance for the day. That means that during your event you are covered on our insurance as if you had purchased it.

What could be simpler than that? Give us a call and let us take away some of headaches for your next event.



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