Cold and Wet Weather Policy

What Happens to My Party If It Rains?

When the weather turns cool or wet, it can raise havoc with your event. Our primary concern is always for the safety of our customers and our crews. When the weather cools down the vinyl in the inflatables becomes more stiff. This makes it harder when your guests are landing on it and more difficult for our crews to manage it. Because rain cools the vinyl, it can have the same effect. When you get the two together, it can present quite a challenge. 

Anytime throughout the year, but especially the transition seasons, it is wise to have a back-up location planned in the event of adverse weather conditions. We are happy to accomodate moving your event into an indoor location–such as a church, gym, or warehouse–but we ask that you call us at least 24 hour before the event. This allows us to bring the right equipment and to make sure that the size and type of inflatable that you ordered will work in the new venue.

Before June 1st and after September 1st, water may be used at the sole discretion of Ultimate Inflatables. The delivery driver will make the final decision whether or not to allow water based on current and forecasted weather conditions, and the proposed location of the inflatable. No refunds will be given because we did not allow water to be used on your inflatable. If we determine that water may be used, all inflatables must be emptied and dried at the end of the event or as instructed by delivery crew.