City Festivals

Strong communities are built by coming together.

We know how to party.

Planning a city festival is quite a challenge. Actually, a LOT of challenges. Everyone has an opinion—the mayor, the city council and, of course, the citizens. Thankfully, the two things that everyone agrees upon is that it should be safe, and it should be fun. That’s where we come in. We can help you plan a better event (more fun, more citizen interaction) for less money and less hassle.

Options For A Great City Festival

When planning the attractions for a city festival, there are three main options: travelling carnivals, a local event company like us (Ultimate Inflatables), or planning and doing everything yourself. (Do we really even want to go there? We didn’t think so.) Let’s start with the travelling carnivals. Unfortunately, travelling carnivals are very expensive and really hard to schedule. They tell you when you can and can’t have your event; and if you don’t like it, well, you just get to deal with it. And let’s be honest, carnivals have a tendency to attract a different crowd, a more unsavory crowd that has a tendency to drive families away. Plus, when they are finished, there is usually a huge mess to clean up.

Why Ultimate Inflatables Is Different

Ultimate Inflatables brings a different atmosphere to a city festival. We make it fun, and family-oriented with no worries about who your children might run into. We have large attractions to excite the adrenaline junkies, mellow attractions for the smallest children, and everything in between. It’s a perfect way for everyone—adults and children—to have fun together. Scheduling is easier as well. Because we are local, we can be a lot more flexible in helping you pick your dates. To top it all off, we use locals to help us staff our events. Often these are young students working their way through school. We select them for their background, their attitude and their appearance. We look for people that are friendly, polite and helpful. We hire people who will make your participants happy and ensure that everyone has a great time. And when we hire them, we train them on safety and customer satisfaction.

Safety First (And Always)

Speaking of safety, would it be alright to say that we are kind of paranoid? We realize that no matter how great the event, no matter how much fun everyone is having, all of the good feelings disappear as soon as someone gets hurt. Because of this, we take the extra time to make sure that everything is set up properly, and that our crews are trained on how to run each attraction safely.

Want Insurance? We’ve Got You Covered

No matter how well trained, no matter how well prepared you are, things can happen, that is why we carry the highest insurance levels in Utah. Along with a $5 million liability policy, we also carry $1 million coverage on both our auto insurance and our workers’ compensation. What does all of that mean for you? It means that if something does happen, you are covered. We can even name your city on our insurance for the day of the event so that our insurance is the first to be charged. As you can see, we have everything that you need to put together a hugely successful city festival. Just let us know when and where you want to have your event and we will help you plan and get ready for your festival. After that we will help you put on the best event your city has ever had. What are you waiting for? Give us call and let’s talk.


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