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Product Information:

The Slingshot isn't just a monster of a slide; it's the baddest slide in Utah. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, the Slingshot will bring it. You climb up over three stories to get to the top where the view is knee-buckling. The slide is a heart-pounding vertical drop of almost two stories before you hit the ramp. Not the bottom, the ramp; where you suddenly change direction before rocketing into the air. After you are done flying around, you get to come down softly and sweetly on a huge ZeroShock safety pad. In case you haven't heard of ZeroShock is is the same soft-as-a-feather-bed system that actors and stunt men use to jump off of buildings without bringing the filming to an abrupt end.

The Slingshot will satisfy even the toughest critics that think they have “seen it all”. Looking to draw a crowd? Want to get everyone's attention? At well over 33 feet tall and 70 feet long this bright yellow hornet is tough to miss, and even harder to ignore, making it the perfect crowd-drawing attraction for city festivals, corporate parties, college events and neighborhood block party blowouts.

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

70' x 25' x 33'

Space Needed:

90' x 55' x 35'


  • Attendants

    Want to make sure everyone can join in the fun? Don't want to worry about who is watching the kids and making sure that everyone is safe? Let one of our trained Attendants help make your event even easier. Our attendants know all of the things to watch out for and how to make sure that your event is safe and fun. Take all of your worries off of your plate and hire an attendant today!

    Please note: Our insurance stipulates that if you have multiple attractions, you must have at least one attendant for each unit. 

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