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Product Information:

Virtuality is a cutting-edge Virtual Reality system that was designed specifically for events. We haven seen VR in games, at work, and on our phones. But the problem is that when the participant puts on the headgear they become immersed in a virtual world, but everyone around them is left behind, just waiting for their turn. What if we could get everyone involved?

Unlike other Virtual Reality systems, Virtuality was designed from the ground up to make sure everyone—both the players and the spectators—enjoy the experience. We start by making sure that your VR experience is unsurpassed, so we use extremely fast computers and Vive Pro headsets to create the world in stunning 4K imagery. Then we also display everything on mammoth 75" monitors coupled to powerful sound and lighting systems so that everyone watching can become part of the virtual reality experience.

The best part of Virtuality is the flexibilty. We can completely change the experience by simply loading a different application. Looking for an arcade-style experience for a city festival? We've got it. Want to work on corportae team building? We have several apps that teach communiation and team-building skills. Need a virtual quest or a chance to save the world to liven up a party? We can do it. Want an immersive STEM learning experience? We can do walk-throughs of the solar system, the universe, the ocean or even a cell.

We can take Virtuality anywhere, indoors or out. Virtuality has four stations able to rotate participants in and out quickly, but even those who are waiting quickly become immersed in all of the action. With all of the things that you can do, what are you waiting for? There is simply nothing like it anywhere else in Utah. Reserve your dates today before Virtuality is all booked out!

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

26' x 26' x 8'

Space Needed:

30' x 30' x 8' (L x W x H)


  • Attendants

    Want to make sure everyone can join in the fun? Don't want to worry about who is watching the kids and making sure that everyone is safe? Let one of our trained Attendants help make your event even easier. Our attendants know all of the things to watch out for and how to make sure that your event is safe and fun. Take all of your worries off of your plate and hire an attendant today!

    Please note: Our insurance stipulates that if you have multiple attractions, you must have at least one attendant for each unit. 

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