Monolith 5 Station Rock Climbing Wall


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Product Information:

Our 26-foot tall Monolith is the best mobile rock climbing wall in Utah, and here's why:

The Monolith's 5 climbing stations are the most of any portable rock wall in the state. That means that you spend more time climbing on the wall and less time waiting your turn in line. Depending on the climbing rules, this climbing wall can achieve 100’s of participants per hour.

Each station is different and provides a myriad of unique climbing routes that make the wall a new challenge every time. This attraction never gets old!

The Monolith climbing surfaces are molded from real rocks, not just some sculptor's imagination, giving you the most realistic rock climbing experience possible. It's the closest thing to being out climbing a real mountain.

Varying degrees of difficulty mean that everyone can climb. The patented auto belay-system is he safest on the market, catching you the second you fall, and making our wall a great way to build confidence in overcoming challenges.

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

30' x 8' x 26'

Space Needed:

40' x 28' x 30'


  • Attendants

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    Please note: Our insurance stipulates that if you have multiple attractions, you must have at least one attendant for each unit. 

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